About the Game

You play a 21 years old man starting his first job at a real estate company. After his first client drops a vial of a mysterious serum, the protagonist develops the ability to influence the minds of others. He learns how to seduce the women he lives with as well as his coworkers, but discovers that being an unwilling test subject has some severe downsides.

Will he survive? Can he keep his job? Can he really seduce and control all the attractive women around him?
You can decide, in The Gift Reloaded!

The Gift Reloaded is the work of a team working under the name Mr.ZZ Production. The team members have a few things in common – an obsession with TGR, high ambitions and the skills to make them a reality. They also share a goal of creating a game that brings pleasure to lots of people. The graphics team is motivated to give TGR a new and unique look. They are always trying to bring out the best from the images and are practicing their craft to get even better. The writing staff is led by a fan of The Gift and The Gift Reloaded who was enthralled by the story and characters.

There’s a lot to come…

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